“When Cultures Collide”

2 Elimination of Bias CLE credits in Minnesota

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Over 95 different languages are spoken in the homes of children in Minnesota’s public schools, according to the Minnesota Department of Education. In many of those homes the parents or grandparents emigrated from other countries and were raised in cultures very unlike the culture where they now reside. If that variety of cultures is represented in our homes and in our schools it is likely that persons from many of those cultures will also be exposed to our legal system. 

While most of us are aware that there are language barriers in our legal system for persons for whom English is not their first language, how many of us have considered the cultural barriers that are inherent as well? Our system is based on equality yet in any number of cultures women are not treated as equal to men, often being raised specifically to be subservient to men. How do they then fair when appearing in court as litigants, victims, witnesses, or even jurors? What are the some of the cultural barriers regularly faced in our courts? How can we recognize and help to overcome them? These are some of the issues that will be addressed by our panel of experts in this seminar.

Presenters and Panelists:  Osman Abdulla, Somali Interpreter; Shereen Askalani, Assistant Ramsey County Attorney; Judge Gary Bastian, Second Judicial District Court

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