“Weighing the Balance: Religious Freedom and Discrimination

2.00 credits Minnesota

On-Demand Rental Charge: $125.00

As an ever-increasing number of jurisdictions are recognizing same-sex marriages, and the United States Supreme Court appears to be edging closer and closer to a decision uniformly declaring the right of same sex couples to wed, an ever-expanding number of corollary issues are springing up across the country. While it seems legitimate that organized religions that do not recognize same sex unions can refuse to perform same sex marriages, how far should that exclusion expand; can any organization, business or group deny services to same sex couples, or for that matter to any individual in general whose appearance, behavior or beliefs violate the business’ sincerely held religious beliefs?

At the same time, courts seem to be expanding the rights of businesses and corporations in cases such as Citizens United and Hobby Lobby to hold political and religious beliefs. Do the religious beliefs of corporations trump the rights of individuals, to hold jobs and to obtain commercially available services? Should the religious beliefs of not-for-profit corporations or groups weigh differently than those of for profit corporations and businesses?

Faculty will include:

Moderator: Anthony S. Winer, Esq. [Professor at William Mitchell College of Law]

Jason Adkins, Esq., [Executive Director Minnesota Catholic Conference]

Jill Gaulding, Esq., [Co-founder Gender Justice]

William Mohrman, Esq., [Mohrman & Kaardal]

Teresa Nelson, Esq.; [Legal Director, ACLU of Minnesota]

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