“Jury System Bias”

2.00 Elimination of Bias CLE credits Minnesota

On-Demand Rental Charge: $125.00

The intent of the CLE is to explore the possibility of underlying bias in the jury system, if it exists and if it does to what extent does it affect fairness and justice. After a brief overview of the history of the jury system practitioners in various aspects of the law will address their experiences with the jury system.

Issues to be explored include: Batson challenges - who do they apply to, are they effective, should they be expanded; Juries in smaller jurisdictions -do large employers and businesses in smaller jurisdictions affect jurors’ decisions when they are a party to the case; does jurors knowing the lawyers, judges and parties affect verdicts; Big Business: do certain jurisdictions exist across the country that demonstrably favor or disfavor big business and corporations in litigation; and Criminal Cases - do criminal defendants get a jury of their peers.

Presenters and Panelists: Charlie Clippert, Esq. [Caplan & Tamburino], Phil Duran, Esq., [OutFront Minnesota], Diane Wiley, [National Jury Project], Charles Zimmerman, Esq. [Zimmerman & Reed]

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