“How Criminal Courts, Cops and Correctional Officers


Serve Mentally Impaired Individuals”

2.00 credits Minnesota

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The criminal justice system has been ill-equipped to address citizens, suspects, and defendants since its inception. The wheels of justice grind slowly, glacially slowly for those suffering from mental impairments. Law enforcement officers have traditionally received little or no training regarding crisis intervention when dealing with the mentally impaired on the streets. Defendants potentially suffering major mental defects languish in jails awaiting the mandatory exams and assessments. Many of the issues regarding the homeless have their roots in mental impairments.
At long last Minnesota and several other stats are addressing some of these issues in attempt to reduce the bias the mentally impaired have faced both in the criminal justice system and in society as a whole. Join us to learn more about efforts to improve the fate of the mentally impaired ensnared in the judicial system.

Faculty will include: 

The Honorable Jay Quam, [Fourth Judicial District Court]
Patti Hecht-Kressly MA, [Founder and President of Pro-Crisis]
John Vodicka, [Volunteer Coordinator & Shelter Advocate Simpson Housing Services]

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