About Us

Affordable • Convenient • Innovative


Clarion Legal is a boutique education company.  
We deliver exceptional learning to the legal and business community.  
Our reputation is built on a high level of quality and service.   

We are a nonprofit organization; our mission is to provide top-quality, 
cutting edge, pragmatic continuing legal education seminars.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our company and how we provide knowledge and solutions for lawyers, legal professionals and law departments and firms.


To provide exceptional learning and bottom-line value to lawyers and legal professionals through innovative and pragmatic professional development.

  • Outstanding Service to our Clients. To provide a superior and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Reputation. To be recognized as an organization of quality, innovation, and integrity.
  • Partnership Opportunities. To enrich participation with other companies and organizations that result in win-win experiences.
  • Innovative Employee Experience. To recognize the unique personal worth and contribution of each person and to provide a workplace environment that is flexible, challenging and rewarding.
  • Community Responsibility. To acknowledge the great duty the legal profession has in promoting a just society and to offer means for the Bar, through dialogue and action, to participate in such.